Character File: Enker - Naoshi

"Not to be confused with the closet masochist of the same name."

First appearance: Season One, Epilogue One - Seven Strangers, Seven Mercenaries

  • "Who is Naoshi?"

To be honest, not really much is known about Naoshi before he became a member of the Mercenaries. He just stumbled into the crazy situation that ultimately led him to be converted by Wily into the spear-weilding master of counterattack, Enker.

  • "Now that I think about it, the name sounds familiar. Is this Naoshi the same as Metal--"

No! Nonono. Their names may be the same, but unless you want to get skewered, don't ever suggest that Metal Man Naoshi of Wily's Warriors and Enker Naoshi of the Seven Mercenaries are the same person.* Enker Naoshi is really sensitive about that.

  • "Ooookay. Um. Apart from that, what's he like?"

Naoshi is among the more serious members of the Mercenaries, often the first to groan when the others invoke the ridiculous and random, though he's not above joining in. He is rather sensitive and has a low tolerance for being the butt of another's jokes. This leads him to have a fairly short temper.

On an only slightly-related note, he seems to have some very persistent bad luck.

  • "Bad luck, huh? Doesn't that get in the way?"

I'm assuming you're implying that his luck tends to turn for the worse in battle. It generally doesn't. In fact, considering Naoshi's signature ability as Enker, "Mirror Buster", taking hits is actually not as bad as it sounds. For those uninformed, Mirror Buster in Enker's hands gathers energy when he takes damage and stores it for later use.

In addition to Mirror Buster, he also carries a spear which can be considered his other primary weapon, used for melee combat with a number of techniques to match. He also has a standard Buster just in case things get really hairy.

  • "So what do you think of Naoshi?"

Eh, he has his moments. I honestly don't know whether to apply logic to talking with him or not, considering he tends to shift between randomness and seriousness without warning. At least, in the presence of certain others. Flying solo, he's not so bad.

* - They are, however, played by the same person.

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