New domain

- Enker (June 2nd, 2017)

Not much on the reboot front, but we've changed domains as you can tell! Long story short, bad things happened to the holenet domain, then we switched from FTP to SFTP for better security and had issues getting the site up properly for some reason. Then Techokami offered us to get a domain and here we are now.

As for the reboot? We're currently aiming for it on the anniversary (August 8th) and our work is going along somewhat smoothly. I won't guarantee anything but stay tuned!

The future of the Seven Mercenaries

- Enker (March 26th, 2017)

It's been a while since we had a meaningful update. But not to worry, we have not stopped with what we've been doing. There is a lot going on behind the curtains! To cut down to the chase, we've been planning a huge rehaul on the team as a whole.

Firstly, we have a huge announcement regarding the epilogues themselves. Around July of last year and onwards, I had internal discussions with the remaining members of the team of what we wanted to do with the team moving forward. Initially, we just wanted to do a few more things as a final send off to the team itself, with the 7 Mercenaries video game being one of them. But after a lengthy discussion or two, we've decided that we're not ending this team and instead we're writing stories again!

However, we are not starting Season 3. So what could this mean? During the time of our first big discussion, we were reading epilouges that we have written about a decade ago. We've realized that while some held up, a lot of them did not, and even some of the ones we've still enjoyed felt they could need more work. But that's natural, we were mostly teenagers or very young adults at the time, so we were still learning. Right now we have far better writing experiences. So what's the next step after all of that said? A reboot of course!

We really want to release much more quality writing and content with a better and more matured mindset. It's been far too long since we've last wrote an epilogue, and they've became so old that we don't want to pick up from where we've left off. So we felt starting over was the best way to go about continuing the team. We have planned so much for the new reboot of the first epilogue and with a new site layout to boot! We hope that you readers will enjoy our brand new adventures when it's here!

Now as for the team members themselves? After years of inactivity some people naturally loses interest in being part of the team. Two of our old time members, Iga (Buster Rod G) and Shinobu (Punk), are no longer part of the team. However, as time went during the revival, we've successfully got 2 new mercenaries to the group! So with that said, we welcome Rebel40000 and Avi as our new Punk and Buster Rod G respectively! If you've been in the Team Scene several years ago, you may recognize their names as they were part of past Mega Man teams. We are excited for their involvement as the new mercenaries and what they'll contribute to the team!

And despite those two being the only *new* members of the team, we had our current Hyper Storm H (Techokami) and Mega Water S (Maggots) in the team for years. But due to them joining in way late while Season 2 was far along, we've never had the opportunity to introduce them to the stories proper. So essentially, they are still fresh faces for the readers. So we are also excited for their involvement and contribution to the team as well!

You may be asking "what will become of the old epilogues?". Simply put, we're going to archive them for our nostalgic memories. We don't wanna completely trash our years worth of work, do we?

On a final note, from the beginning of the new continuity and onwards, we will no longer refer them to as "epilogues" anymore as we find it a relic and a confusing and inaccurate term to use to describe each and every story. From then on, we will refer to them as "episodes".

Wow, that was a quite a mouthful.


- Enker (January 16, 2017)

Me (wise): Our team is back and better than ever!

You (the fool): It's still dead.

Me (5 months later):

10 years!

- Enker (August 7, 2016)

Huh? Oh! Right. This site was a thing, and boy was it a thing! But wow, it has been 10 years, hasn't it? We can't exactly say if we're truly back yet. But for this special occasion, I've decided to do something special for this site for our 10th anniversary after our 6-year hiatus.

Today, I proudly announce that we're developing a fun little episodic video game series based on the misadventures of our favorite mercenaries! Unfortunately, there isn't a lot done right now, but do not fret as there is a downloadable rough teaser to get a taste of what the cutscenes will be like! Check it out in the downloads page!

And perhaps, maybe in a month or two, there will be a playable demo of the first episode! But right now, enjoy this little teaser I've put together in a short amount of time.

By the way... you may notice the site has a nicer space now. Yeah, this layout was designed for smaller resolutions, but nowadays 1080p is pretty common. So enjoy the modifications and hope it makes the site more readable for you!

Seven Merc's Anniversary

- Enker (August 8, 2010)

Wow, it's been a long time since we first formed this team. It's been what? 4 years? Geez. Apparently, the anniversary was yesterday (I was informed of this late unfortunately). So I've decided to upload the latest epilogue (Season 2 Epilogue 7). Be sure to check it out!

And Finally, A New Epilogue!

- Enker (March 8, 2010)


Season 2 Epilogue 5 is finally up. Go read it and stuff. What do I mean by stuff you ask? ...Well I don't know, I just said stuff for no reason. Stop asking me stupid questions!

Site Officially Reopens!

- Enker (March 7, 2010)

We're back!

Welcome to our new site! You'll notice many many changes in our sites. New layout (first thing to notice), new site host (okay maybe this is the first thing to notice), epilogue sprites are completely redone (Go check out the artwork page to compare the old and new epilogue sprites!), grammar/spelling errors in our existing epilogues, character redesigns (Actually, just Magnus comes to mind), Falling Star and Iga got their way overdue sprites finally done and a very few epilogues got revised a little bit (but not revised to the point they're completely new.). This is 7MV2 and we've come a long way to finally get everything set up and ready to go.

We have a lot of epilogues done for a while, we'll start gradually updating this site with new epilogues at least weekly or biweekly just like the old days. Enjoy our new site!

7MV2 - Lost In Space

- Ballade (January 26, 2010)

Good... gravy...

Why didn't anyone tell me there hasn't been an update all year?! Man, we needed this something fierce. Lots going on and a lot to catch up on. For starters, our character profiles have been completely reworked. There's been some cleanup in Aisle Everywhere; we now have an Old News archive. We also have a pair of wallpapers featuring us Mercs and our Fatal nemeses up for download in our brand new "Stuff" section! Oh, and as promised, I come bearing a new look for the site, in case you somehow haven't already noticed. Quite the contrast from the oh-so-plain white getup we used to have, no?

Also, gi-normous thanks to resident Hyper Storm Techokami for lining us up a new place to put our bags! With any luck (and it won't take much), this place won't give us the problems SiteSled did. The small handful of you faithfuls that remain, don't forget to update your bookmarks!

Sorry to say there's no Epilogue update as of yet, but we have some material simmering on the back burner that's almost perfect and ready to serve. Stay tuned! Really, I promise we won't be gone for another year!

Welcome, 2009!

- Quint (January 1, 2009 - Happy New Year!)

Wow, 2008 went fast. Or not.

Either way, we got some roster changes around. Namely, Mega Water and Hyper Storm. So, please give a warm welcome to (respectively) Maggots and Techokami!

It's a while before they appear in the stories, though, but it motivated me into updating the Contacts' and Links' pages.

Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.