Leaving, are you? Well, then... allow us to reccommend you some sites.


A communist team! Joking aside, this is the Mega Man 4 team, and of course Cossack is in their epilogues. Quint is present there as Skullman.

The X2 team! Personally, I (Naoshi) think they have the best epilogues in the team community. (And no, it has nothing to do with the Green Biker Dude) You don't want to miss out this team!

Mega Man Teams

(Note, we aren't affiliated with every team we link)

The Sinister 6 - The team that started it all! Megaman 1-based.

Wily's Warriors - The Megaman 2 Team led by Starnik. Our fellows Buster Rod and Enker are member of this team, respectively as Woodman and Metalman.

The Mechanical Maniacs The one and only Megaman 3 Team!

The worst team in existance, the Seven Mercenaries. Who the hell made this team? And who joined it? ...Oh wait...

Cosmos - One of the latest Teams around, it is Megaman StarForce-based. Quint plays there as the local Crown Thunder.

Sites worth mentioning

(Note, we aren't affiliated with every team we link)

Super Adventure Quint One cool sprite-comic, dealing with time-travels, parallel universes and Quint - everything to get a Hunter happy! The first Quint sprite comes from this site.

NES Pas? One of Hunter's favorite sites. Essentially talks about retro game-systems (NES, Genesis, SNES...), how to repair/enhance them, and reviews of their games. It is all in French, though.

Goshi-Dan's Arcade A site dedicated to fangames, and probably one of the best at it - since 1999! Techokami, Naoshi and Iga have big roles there, as head admin for the former, admin for our spear-master, and moderator for our favorite monkey.

Cave Story Cave Story: This wonderful gem of a game has Enker and Buster Rod's seal of approval. Avid Action-RPG fans would be crazy to pass this one up.

RyuFox Legends A website that belongs to Kitsune, a friend of Enker and Buster Rod(Again with the Enker and Buster Rod!!!). Kitsune writes a graphic novel called, guess what? RyuFox Legends. You can buy it here, as well as some other promotional merchandise!

Everlasting Peace and all that... A Mega Man webcomic drawn and written by resident Ballade, Kayorei. Follow the adventures in the lives of the Robot Masters after the disappearance of Wily! No relation to Teams, I assure you.

holenet.info The personal blog of our glorious host Techokami!

Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.