Character File: Hyper Storm H - Magnus Riujin

"Breaking the mold... among other things."

Also known as: Hyper Storm, Magnus

First appearance: Season Two, Epilogue Zero - Aftermath (though he had his first lines in Season One, Epilogue Eleven - Finale (Part 1))

Retired: not yet written

  • "Magnus... Doesn't ring a bell."

Well, he's the second Hyper Storm of the Mercs. He fitted the "mad scientist - weird techy" niche.

  • "What is he like?"

Dragon-looking. No, wait, he's a Hog-like robot. On that topic... he's a Hog, right? ...Though he did adopt porcine elements after the War, come to think of it. Or, was he Hog-looking to start with? Mind's a blank on that one."

  • "Personality-wise, I mean."

Oh. Sorry. Mix a short temper, the regular mad scientist archetype (without the evil laugh), and some sugar-rush, and here's Magnus. He's also been known to jump head first into trouble (without Team back-up), and to hold some grudges when it comes to the Team's matters (at the Fatal Five and Hunter, mostly). Also, to have some fun, put him and Naoshi in a room, get away real fast and bet on the number of seconds before they blow up each other. Hint: it's less than ten.

  • "How does he fight?"

A lot like Stardust with the whole wind storm control deal; they sorta have the same armor, after all. Besides, Magnus also has an arsenal filled with more weapons than is good for people with hands morphing into busters. To his credit, he used it less as time went.

  • "Second Hyper Storm... Is there a third already?"

Actually, yes. As for the circumstances of it... well, mind's a blank on this. Anyway, he got quite mad at Hunter for all the mess during the Business Of War - who developed issues of his own with his fellow Merc. Apparently, it's gotten better with time, but ... crags, can't remember how and why he left.

  • "Your opinion on him?"

Magnus can be a bit annoying in the long run, but he can be okay, otherwise. Just, don't get started on anything concerning him - arguments will soon be spelled "nuke launchers" or close enough.

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