Character File: Mega Water S - Falling star

"Never before has a name been so prophetic..."

Also known as: Mega Water

First appearance: Season One, Epilogue One - Seven Strangers, Seven Mercenaries

Retired: Season Two, Crossover Event - The Business of War

  • "That's quite an appropriate name."

We get lucky sometimes. For all we know, it could've been "Rising Fire" instead.

  • "So, what about this guy?"

Another (former) Merc. It's sort of a trend around here. He was in charge of the waterworks and other assorted stuff. We never really knew much about him other than that.

  • "What kind of person was he?"

Two words come to my mind: pervert and show-off. But when you can do waterworks with your hands, the latter is quite explainable. As for the former... well, let's say he insisted on taking more security-watching turns than his share. Too bad Hunter didn't put cameras around some specific areas...

  • "... Oh. Eww."

I know the feeling.

  • "I suppose his show-off part came up in fights?"

Exactly. But when your main weapon is a Hydro-Blast, you can't do much else. He never got the hang of using his harpoon launchers, though. It took a meeting with the original Mega Water to discover them.

  • "So, you said earlier he kicked the bucket, right?"

Har har. Wished I thought of this one earlier.

Anyway, yeah, but the Mercs don't like to talk about it. They're not very proud of that stunt - except writer-Hunter, but he's a bit nuts on that. It happened around the end of the Business Of War. Boarding on the Marauder happened, and Mega Water took to an epic duel with Saturn. Sadly, he was the bad guy at that time, and you know how it turns out in animes and other TV shows. So, once it was over, they brought his body to Wily and waited some time before having him repaired. Then, it was another Mega Water...

  • "And in the end? Your opinion?"

Well, he was an okay guy. I remember all the times he wanted to enter Narrator-Land for his own purposes, though. And it seems the next one is carrying on the perverted part. The show must go on!

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