The Clash Of The Generations

Written by Hunter

Ballade: Everyone here?

Buster Rod: Think so.

Enker: Just start this meeting. I have more important things to do.

Ballade: Another word, and it will be my Cracker doing the speech.

(Hold on! Sorry I'm a bit late today. ... Why on Earth are we in Skull Castle?)

Quint: Anyone knows this guy?

Mega Water: *shrugs*

(How can you not remember your narrator? You're the Mercs, right?)

Ballade: See? This is the very reason I summoned you! We must terminate the Seven Mercenaries once and for all!

Punk: I don't see why. It's not like they named themselves "Killers and Genesis", or something. We can coexist.

Ballade: Silence! These so-called Mercs are tarnishing our reputation of Wily's elite by doing good deeds! And of all people, they're led by Quint!

Quint: Hey! That's just mean!

Enker: By the way, why are you guys here? *points at the Genesis Unit*

Punk: Yeah. You got all killed or something else.

Ballade: Well ... I convinced Wily he needed some more troops.

Buster Rod: What you're saying is, you got the Genesis Unit repaired only to exact your revenge?

Mega Water: And aren't you focused on the Comrades anyway?

Ballade: Can't always focus on the same target.

Hyper Storm: Ha! More like you lost too many times to them!

Quint: People! We should try to work together against these copycats!

Enker: Coming from the biggest copycat around.

Quint: Stop making fun of me!

(At this point, the door opens, revealing more familiar characters.)

Warpman: Well, look at this! Did the robot pension have an excursion day?

Riff: Hush, Warpman.

Ballade: And what gives us the pleasure to see you malfunctions?

Staccato: We have a certain experience in fighting these accursed Mercenaries.

Riff: And we thought that, as brothers-in-arms, we could cooperate.

Ballade: You? Don't make me laugh! You could barely lead Metools to a picnic!

Buster Rod: I dunno. They could know some useful things.

Enker: Monkey, it took these guys months to be noticed by the Mercs. Not that they didn't try.

Ballade: Let's discuss of our plan in another room, comrades! We don't want some losers around.

Karasū (after everyone but the Fatalists left): Shall we exact a revenge on them, companions?

Lento: Unit Lento ready to beat pompous Ballade in a pulp.

Riff: No. The Killers are still part of Wily's elite, and we're not.

Warpman: So what? We stay here being insulted?

Riff: I never said we were to remain inactive. We'll do things the subtle way...

(Now, let's go to the Marauder, a few days later.)

Hunter: Anyone up for a Smash Bros tournament?

Naoshi: Been there, done that.

Hunter: A DVD?

Kayorei: All that's left is Falling Star's private stock. And I'm not touching that.

Hunter: A board game?

Iga: We played everything.

Naoshi: Why don't we do a request for a change?

Magnus: Yeah, bossman! I wanna see some slag blowing up!

Hunter: Fact is, no one called. Right now, I'm tempted to go off in space and meet the Cosmic Gladiators or something...

Crew Joe *rushing in*: We have a request, sir! You're all to head at this location.

Magnus: ...That's it?

Shinobu: It's a start, though.

(Once they all were at said location...)

Kayorei: And when is our requester coming for further info?

Hunter: Should be any moment now.

(Actually, a swarm of UN Tanks and UN Joes rushed in and circled the Mercenaries!)

UN Joe #1: You are under arrest! Do not resist and all will go well!

Shinobu: Why are we arrested, sir?

UN Joe #2: Are you kidding me? For the last week, you spreaded destruction all around Megapolis!

Hunter: But ...we were in the Marauder... being bored! We have recordings!

Un Joe #1: Do I have "random grunt" written on my face? They can be easily edited, you know!

UN Joe #2: Now stop resisting, or we'll use brute force!

Hunter: How about we do it first? *wink*

Magnus: Got it, Bossman. *opens fire*

(And in the next seconds, chaos ensued, while the Mercs escaped. Back at the Marauder...)

Naoshi: Apparently, some people looking like us have played terrorist while we were waiting for a call.

Iga: Maybe they intercepted all the requests, and only let the police call go?

Hunter: All possible, but who could have done it? We need to find seven people who could of had impersonated us.

Falling Star: That DocMan fellow is quite good at this game, but he's a single robot.

Shinobu: Anyone got news of the Darkman Squad recently? They framed Protoman quite well.

Kayorei: I'm thinking... maybe the original Mercs? The Killers and the Unit?

Hunter: Good idea, but last I heard, the Unit was missing.

Magnus: *shrugs* Wily builds and repairs all kinds of stuff.

Naoshi: All right. We found a culprit. And how do we find him now?

Hunter: Well...

(At that moment, the comm. activated, in sound-only mode.)

?: Hints&Clues, at your service. Need help tracking down enemies?

The Mercs: *stare at each other*

Magnus: How do you know that, Mister Mysterious-Voice?

?: A clue.

The Mercs: ...

?: Anyway, I can help you for free. Company policy on the first call.

Hunter: Alright, then. What about the Killers and Genesis?

?: Try the First Castle. Good luck. *click*

Kayorei: Well, that was random.

Naoshi: Anyone else thinks it may be a trap?

Hunter: We can protect each other, right? And now, let's go. We have a name to clean.

(At the entrance of said Castle...)

Kayorei: So, how do we attract their attention?

Magnus *blasting the door*: Taken care off.

Quint *rushing out*: You damn kids will pay for that door! ... Uh-oh. *flees in the Castle*

Hunter: Well, they're here.

Ballade *coming out, followed by the RM*: Well, if it isn't the copies. Wanna fight to your death?

Naoshi: We will fight until you shut your arrogant mouth.

Enker: How will we recognize our enemies if we start a melee?

Falling Star: I say we duel!

Punk: Good idea.

(And so, it starts!)

Ballade: I hope you made a will, copy. *throws Crackers at Kayorei*

Kayorei *dodging*: Shouldn't you bother the Comrades instead? *fires back*

Ballade *blocking the attack*: None of your business.

Iga *swinging his staff*: You ready for some kung-fu?

Buster Rod: I prefer magic. *blinds Iga and starts to beat him*

Iga: Ow! No fair! *fires blindly with his Buster*

Enker: You're good, you know. *thrusts his spear at Naoshi*

Naoshi *dodges*: So I'm told. *fires at Enker*

Enker: Useless! *fires a Mirror Buster*

Falling Star: Bow down before my control of water! *blasts Mega Water*

Mega Water: *blocks the blasts* You can only do that? *throws harpoons*

Falling Star *counters with water shields*: ...He's right. *throws the harpoons back*

Punk: The strongest shield against the strongest blade! Who shall win? *throws Crushers at Shinobu*

Shinobu *deflecting with his shields*: I'd prefer if we were to discuss it calmly. But you leave me no choice. *rolls up and charges Punk*

Punk *jumps out of the way*: A race? Fine! *rolls up and follows Shinobu*

Hunter: ... I was built after you?

Quint: Not you too! Don't mock me! I shall crush you with my formidable power! *summons the Sakugarne and jumps on it*

Hunter: Seriously. A pogo stick? And you wonder why people laugh at you?

Quint: Feel my wrath! *jumps around* Stop moving!

Hunter: I'm standing still, you know. *shoots Quint*

Hyper Storm: The new me is such a shrimp? Ballade was right.

Magnus: Stop picking on me, beachball! *fires Surging Gusts*

Hyper Storm *blocks them all*: Hah! Useless! *jumps on Magnus*

Magnus: (Time to try this one...) Instant Shield Cannon! Go!

(It wasn't a shield that was fired, though.)

Hyper Storm: ... Krazy Glue? You shot at me with Krazy Glue?

Magnus: I got mixed up, it seems.

Hyper Storm: Your face will be mixed up in a mash! *charges at Magnus, but trips and lands on the back* Dammit!

Magnus: Giant ball with glue ... Enemies ahead ... IDEA! *pushes Hyper Storm* Step back, all!

Mercs: *jump out of the way*

Quint: What the -? *get caught on the rolling Hyper Storm*

Hunter: You know what it means, people.

Shinobu: We do the random, don't we?

Iga: If we have to...

The Mercs *pushing on Hyper Storm*: GIANT KATAMARI!

(In the end, a WilyBot-shaped Katamari was done, but no king in weird clothes appeared.)

Magnus: One little note... *pushes the Katamari in Wily's base's direction* Aaaand done!

Hunter: We should do this more often. Katamaris, I mean.

Kayorei: We'll see about it.

Falling Star: Now that our name's cleaned, what do we do?

Shinobu: How about a movie? They replay Indiana Jones.

(And so, fun was had by all. Back to Wily's, where the glue was finally cleaned.)

Quint: Last time we work with you, Ballade.

Buster Rod: Consider yourself working solo from now on!

(All walk out, leaving a tired Ballade alone.)

Ballade: I don't need you anyway! Traitors!

Riff *walking in*: So, did that mission go well?

Ballade: *string of profanities as he walks out*

Warpman: I take it that it was no.

Lento: Ballade foul-mouthed. Lento did not know half of these words.

Riff: Guess it leaves only us to defeat the Mercs.

Karasū *grinning*: Yes. A true shame indeed.

Staccato: Do you think he will find out about our help, mylord?

Riff: Who knows? And if he did, what will he do about it? He denied our help on our predilection subject. It was his fault.

(And so, the Five saved the day.)

Riff: only to take it back later on. We're villains, after all.

(True that.)


Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.