New Beginnings (With A Revenge)

Written by Hunter and Magnus

(It's a rather fine... day, or whatever you have in space. Our fellows Hunter and Magnus are having a visit tour all around the Marauder.)

Hunter: And here, you have the engines' section. The Joes handle it quite fine on their own.

Magnus: Woah. Any idea how it works?

Hunter: From the looks of it, I'd say its fusion reactors, but I should ask the Joes about the details. Anyway, how is it going with the other Mercs?

Magnus: Fine. But they seem to skip the subject when I mention the Fatal Five.

Hunter: ...In which ways?

Magnus: Like, when I ask about where they came from, or why they take on us.

Hunter: Well, our defeat is still fresh on our minds, so we'd rather wait before talking about it, right?

Magnus: *narrows eyes* You're all hiding something.

Hunter: H-how can you say this? There's nothing to hide!

Magnus: Please. You've been sweating bullets ever since I mentionned them.

Hunter: It's kinda hot in here, after all! How about going back to your room?!

Magnus: Yeah, fine. (There's some fishy stuff going on. And you seem very involved in this, Bossman.)

(Later, at "night", in the computer room...)

Magnus: Silly Hunter, firewalls are for keeping out spam bots. So, what did that security system record? ...Is that...Joes...doing... *switches records in a hurry* Never mention it anymore, okay? *shudders*

(And finally, after a few more surprising experiences...)

Magnus: Quite a stock of blackmail in here. Too bad everyone involved could access it. Now, that seems interesting.

Hunter (on tape): And I took part in the creation of these Fatal Five.

Magnus: Holy crunchmuffins! So, he and I are as much guilty in launching those guys against us. Time for some payback! *runs away*

(Same night, other place. We're in Henry's Hideout now.)

Warpman: I'm telling you, they fled like chickens! We are the ultimate winners!

Henry: Doesn't surprise me that I didn't see them recently, then. I kinda liked them.

Riff: Still, I believe they're still active. Only recovering from the humiliation.

Staccato: Alas, it could be weeks before we see our valliant foes once more.

Magnus *barging in*: YOU DIE NOW!

Staccato: Or minutes.

Lento: Unit Hyper Storm has a new voice?

Karasū: I'd rather say it is not Stardust anymore.

Staccato: Magnus, maybe?

Magnus: Damn right! *throws a Surging Gust at Warpman*

Warpman: *teleports away, leaving the Gust to destroy part of the counter* Too slow, newbie!

Henry *takes a shotgun from behind*: Fight outside. Or you get the shotgun.

Riff: Okay, okay. *points at the door* Let's go, boys.

Warpman *out*: Now, where were we?

Magnus: I was about to snap your neck like a slim jim, Freak-bot.

Karasū: At one against five?

Magnus: *looks around to find himself surrounded, then shrugs* Please, I've had worse odds. You five rejects don't have a chance!

(We leave this scene of ultra-violence to get back to more pleasant fellows.)

Iga: So, anyone seen Magnus?

Crew Joe: Negative. He's nowhere to be found.

Naoshi: We inspected every room.

Shinobu: And he left no note behind him.

Hunter: Bad news, people. Magnus paid a visit to the control room.

Iga: He saw... that?

Kayorei: What is "that"?

Hunter: Among other things, and you don't wanna know. He went to battle the Fatal Five on his own.

Naoshi: ...He isn't that pig-headed, right?

Crew Joe: Incoming transmission from Riff, sir.

Falling Star: Guess it's "yes". He's Hyper Storm Hog after all, right?

Riff: You already guessed why I called, isn't it?

Hunter: Yep.

Riff: Good. Bring a case full of money at the quarry we first fought in, or you'll be short of a Hyper Storm. *to someone off-screen* Warpman, stop this music, now!

Warpman *off-screen*: But he likes listening The Sound Of Music! Isnt' it, my chained and gagged Merc buddy?

Magnus *Off screen*: *muffled yelling that could very well be large amounts of profanity from one seriously pissed off Merc*

Riff: Please, think of us. Come with or without cash, as long as he stops that music.

Naoshi: Hold on. What if we don't bring the money?

Riff: Then we get another round of beating you senseless. Please, hurry, or I'll murder a Fatalist. Shortly after Hyper Storm. *screen goes offline*

Shinobu: We seem to have a problem with Hyper Storms.

Naoshi: We have a bigger problem: what must we do now?

Falling Star: The easy way doesn't sound that good to me.

Kayorei: That, and they're villains. Can't keep their words.

Hunter: Losing money AND a Merc? Losing only a Merc? Trying to fight? I can't choose!

Iga: If I may suggest something ...

Naoshi: Yeah?

Iga: Magnus and I designed a few stuff when he arrived, and I guess it may come in handy. Now, all we need is...

(You wouldn't like spoilers, would you? Anyways, back to the quarry.)

Riff: How's the prisonner doing?

Staccato: He has stopped swearing, milord. And I wot not some of his profanity of choice existed before now.

Riff: And the music?

Lento: Walkman crushed.

Riff: Good. And, I see our friends are coming.

Hunter *with a case*: Okay, here's the cash. Give the Merc back.

Riff *taking the case while the Fatalists gather*: Tut-tut. We prefer to check on the money first.

(And as they opened it, our villains were in for quite a shock.)


Iga: EMP bomb. Can't beat that.

Fatal Five: *screaming imprecations while walking around blinded*

Shinobu: *slashing Magnus' chains* You're gonna be in trouble for running wild like this, you know.

Magnus: Don't we have some Fatalists to beat up like right now?

Hunter: Good idea. Let's win this together!

Magnus: YEAH!

Hunter: But not before they recovered from the EMP.

Magnus: What?!

Naoshi: It's only fair-play.

(After a few seconds, the fight started back. The Five used their old strategy, with one minor change, though...)

Riff: They've countered every of our attacks! How can it be?

Naoshi: Know the saying, "live and learn"?

Kayorei: We studied our last defeat, and saw what went wrong.

Iga: So now we know!

Hunter: And knowing is half the battle!

Riff: ... Please tell me you repeated for that part.

(And while the fight notably goes in favor of the Mercs...)

Warpman: *escaping the battlefield* I'm gonna meet you all at the base, okay?

Magnus: *blasting Warpman's leg* Not so fast!

Warpman: Uh-oh.

Magnus: *pulling a chainsaw from Hammerspace* Payback time!

Karasū *watching from afar, beaten to a pulp*: My word. You do seem to have found a psychopath.

Riff: Still, it was the Sound Of Music.

Lento: Unit recommends discipline on Hyper Storm.

Hunter: Will do. *kicks Staccato*

(And after an afternoon filled with fun and violence, the Team returned to its base. But it wasn't the end of Magnus' troubles...)

Naoshi: Okay, so WHY did you not warn us?

Magnus: I thought it'd be quickly over.

Kayorei: A whole team against you?

Magnus: *shrugs* I've seen worse.

Falling Star: And I have a question. Why did they gag you, Magnus?

Magnus: I tried to eat Warpman's hand when he started in with the crappy music.

Other Mercs: O_O

Hunter: Okay........Anyways, I think we can go easy on him, people. After all, without his intervention, we wouldn't have been able to beat the Five, right?

Shinobu: Depends from the point of view, but yes.

Hunter: And we're somehow back to good team spirit of cooperation. All's fine!

Magnus: So, party?

Hunter: No. A week without Pocky for punishment of your insubordination.

Magnus: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT MY POCKY! *sulks in a corner for three days*

Falling Star: We're gonna have busy days with that lad.

(Meanwhile, at the Hideout...)

Riff *patched up*: Another defeat. Again.

Henry: Better luck next time.

Staccato: Defeat is not an issue. Mockers are one.

Chimeraman: So, how did your losers' day went, lame-os?

Clawman: To think we have the same creator... Frankly, I'm disgusted.

Warpman: Could be worse. And you, STOP POKING ME!

Airman *hides his stick*: Oh, I heard that one bad. Do you want me to tell Ben what horrible things you think of him?

Warpman: Alright, back with the stick.

Airman *continues poking*: Awesome.


Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.