Seven strangers. Seven people of various origin who, after what became known as "The Brawl", were recruited by Wily in order to become his new force : the Seven Mercenaries.

But they quite didn't agree on this. Their first mission ended with the septet fleeing with their objective (Wily's battleship, nicknamed the "Marauder"), and starting a life of their own, as free-lance mercs.

They went through many adventures, many involving weird characters like David Hasselhoff or the Kool-Aid Man. But the latest one could mean their downfall...


Written by Hunter

(After the last events of the previous season, the Mercs, who got severely beaten, went through a whole week of repairs. Once they're all OK, they agreed to gather, and discuss important issues about the Team.)

Naoshi: We're all gathered here to speak back about our recent defeat from the hands of the Fatal Five....

Stardust: And from Hunter's hand.

Kayorei (gesturing Stardust to stop): A subject after another. Continue, Naoshi.

Naoshi: Thanks. After certain revelations from Hunter, we got to know that these guys took advantage of some hidden database about us, and used all of the infos in order to trap us and put every of us against the others.

Falling Star: This sure is a problem, but let's not forget the source of our troubles: Hunter.

Naoshi: The fact is, Hunter wrote a full database about our weaknesses, skills, and basically everything about us. But before going on, we'll hear what our fellow Merc has to say about this.

Hunter (stands up): I'll stick to my previous explanation: let's imagine Wily had managed to take control of any of you. That way, we could've been able to stop this before any more problems occur because of this. And I hid it because, had I made it public, a controlled Merc could have taken advantage of this to stop the others.

Iga: And you set up securities in the case you were the controlled one. Sounds reasonable.

Kayorei: Yet, they managed to hack through it, and almost got us.

Naoshi: And now we will vote for, or against, Hunter staying in the Team.

Iga: I can't particularly say I appreciate getting beaten so strongly, but I admit Hunter had a point : no one fully knows what Wily did to us when he turned us into the Mercs. And having been reprogrammed, I was more likely to be controlled. I see what kind of risks I could have put you into, so I vote for keeping Hunter.

Falling Star: I've been slightly reprogrammed too, but I think we were supposed to be a Team. Of course, we can have some privacy, but this sort of thing should be revealed to the other members. Hunter should leave.

Shinobu: Well, with that attack at my job, I was really in for a nasty surprise. And should I stay any longer there, who knows what the Fatal Five could do to customers, or to my colleagues. I vote Hunter out, as he potentially endangered innocent citizens.

Naoshi: Thinking back about this ambush, I realize I've been easily trapped, but that would have happened even without the database. Plus, Hunter has done some good things for the Team: he removed us from Wily's control to start with. He made some mistakes, but I think he'll learn from it. He stays.

Stardust: A Team is about cooperation, and Hunter's secretive attitude nearly got us killed. He might at least have told us he was doing something with information about us. Hunter's presence will only make the Team's situation worse.

Naoshi: The final decision is up to you, Kayorei.

Kayorei: Just like any of you, I particularly disliked being humiliated this way, or being hidden important things. But on the other hand, Hunter had good reasons for this, which he already explained. Plus, we owe him to be independant, and among us, he knows the most things about the Marauder. I say Hunter stays here.

Naoshi: Three voices for, and three voices against. We shall proceed to another vote later on.

Stardust: And keeping that status-quo over and over ? I'll solve this the fast way, then!

Hunter: You - you mean ...?

Stardust: Just like I said earlier, Hunter, I can't trust you anymore, and I don't want to stay and see what other things you had planned for us. If the others want to risk their lives staying with you, it's their choice. But during this week, I did some researches and found someone who might explain you some things.

(The Mercs lead to the teleportation room, to see someone anxiously waiting.)

Stardust: I present you Magnus, a friend of mine and the one who hacked through our system.

Magnus: Er ... I guess "hi" is not in order?

Hunter: Tell us how and why you did this.

Magnus: Fact is, I'm sort of a real good hacker and-

Stardust: "Real good" is not enough of a word.

Magnus: -anyways, one day these guys chat with me - "RiffRaff", "Nevermore", "Warpsichord", "Lento9000" and "CodeOfHonour".

Iga: Such lame puns and humor...

Magnus: So, we kinda befriend, and they propose me an IRL. I go to the meeting point to see five Wily-Bots. Talk about a shock. They ask me to hack your server, I do so, and they kick me out. End of story.

Naoshi: The biggest victim of the day. Fooled by the Fatal Five...

Magnus: Stardust told me about what happened, and, well, I kinda feel responsible. So, if there's anything I could do...

Stardust: Actually, I know how you'll help : you'll take my place in the Seven Mercenaries.

The Mercs and Magnus: What?!

Stardust: You want to stay with Hunter, it's your choice. But seeing how I was the only one proning your dismiss, I planned leaving in case of a statu-quo. So, I found a valuable recruit to replace me - he'll be able to protect us - to protect you against a kind of attack you weren't prepared for.

Magnus: Th ... thanks ...

Stardust: I think it'll make up for this small mistake, eh?

Kayorei: But how will you transfer your armor? Technically, you were merged with it.

Iga: I ... could try something with the teleporters, but it's a bit risky.

(After a small moving by the Joes, the device which turned the Mercs back to their human forms is adaptated on the teleporter. Stardust and Magnus each head to a cabin while Iga manipulates a computer connected to both cabins.)

Falling Star: Explain this one again.

Hunter: Well, do you remember the Flash, with his story of changing vibrations to go to a parallel world?

Kayorei: More or less.

Iga: It's a bit similar. The device Hunter and I developed can alter our vibration rate so that we can appear under our human form or under our armored one.

Shinobu: And the thing you built will transfer the Hyper Storm vibration rate to Magnus so that he can change like us.

Iga: Exactly! But it's the first time I try this. Let's pray... *activates the device*

(Quickly, the two cabins get filled with a thick, white smoke. After several minutes, Stardust walks out, in his human form.)

Hunter: How do you feel, man?

Stardust: Kinda good, actually.

Magnus: Woah. I am feeling a bit weird.

Naoshi: Eh... You'll get used to it.

Magnus: Hm. *spots a mirror on the wall* Anyways, that's one cool-looking armor. Good work, Iga.

Hunter: Anyways, this is where our paths separate. *shakes hand with Stardust* It's been quite a ride. Good luck for the future, Stardust.

Stardust: Same here. Try not to get killed.

Kayorei: Be sure to call us, Stardust.

Naoshi: There'll always be a place here for you, man!

Stardust: Thanks a lot, people. And, Magnus, be sure to make your best for the Team.

Magnus: I'll try.

(With these last words, Stardust warps away from the Marauder. Who knows if he and the Mercs will meet back later? Only time will tell...)

Hunter (wiping a tear): Magnus, I'll give you your very first mission as a Merc. Do you think you could handle it?

(The scene skips to the Fatal Five's common room, an hour later)

Riff: So, are these datas still available?

Karasū (on the computer): It bothers me, in fact. Whenever I try to access it again, all I have is this message.

Warpman (reading the screen): "Due to the Team's disbanding, this server is no longer available" ? Did we humiliate them that much ?

Riff: And you say it's the same from every computer in the fortress?

Karasū: Exactly.

Warpman: It means they left for good! Hurray! Let's celebrate!

Lento: Initiate Party Program. Download Dance Tutorial.

Riff (as Warpman and Lento leave the room cheering and dancing): There's something wrong...

Staccato: What doth thee mean, mylord?

Riff: Remember that hacker? I think he helped the Mercs, one way or another.

Karasū: But there's still the possibility they disbanded for good.

Riff: I don't think Hunter would let such a Team disband. Let's them think they fooled us. We'll train harder so that we'll be able to beat them for good next time!

(Back to the Marauder, where the Mercs are gathered around a heavily modified computer.)

Iga: So, everything went as planned?

Magnus: Exactly! I moved the database's location, improved the security with a self-adaptating program, and left this message on the old server's location as you requested.

Hunter: Perfect. So, I think we can celebrate this small victory and Magnus' arrival in our ranks?

Shinobu: Good thing.

Falling Star: What kind of games do you play, Magnus?

Magnus: Quite anything, but I excel at rythm'n'games.

Kayorei: Rythm'n'game, eh ? How about a DDR duel?

Magnus: You're on!

(Everyone heads out, leaving Hunter alone in the server room.)

Hunter: That was quite a hard day, and a hard-taught lesson for me. But I'm sure it will go nice for us from now.

Crew Joe (walking in): Please hurry, Mr Hunter!

Hunter: What's happening? Another attack?

Crew Joe: Actually... It's Ms. Kayorei and Mr. Magnus. They're all both DDR champions, and their duel is still going on. Plus, we thought it was kinda bad you missed this.

Hunter: Ah. *smiles* I'm coming.

(With this later recruit, the Mercs seem have a brighter future. But what are Magnus' exact skills ? Will he clash with the other Mercs? You'll find out in the following Season 2!)


This Epilogue is dedicated to Stardust, our former Hyper Storm. Good luck for the Cosmic Gladiators.

Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.