Enter: Marauder

Written by Hunter-Chameleon (Quint) Edited by Naoshi (Enker)

(It's been a few weeks now since the 7 group of people became the Mercenaries. During that time, they have trained in order to control their new abilities, and fulfilled some minor missions for Wily.)

(Currently, the Mercs are training in the Battle Room, when...)

Wily (on screen): Dr Wily here! I need all of you in the Briefing Hall! Today is your first big mission. Wily, over. *klik*

Naoshi (leaving the room): I wonder what it will be. Attacking some lab?

Hunter: I don't know. We will see it soon, I hope.

(In the Briefing Hall...)

Wily: All of you are here? Alright ! First, I must show you some archives before sending you. (Activates the projector)

(On the screen, a giant, dark green-colored spaceship is pictured. Its general shape is similar to the one of a cruiser, and is heavily armored. On the front, a giant horned skull is set.)

Hunter: ... Woah.

Wily: This was one of my bases, the "Marauder"!

Kayorei: And what does it have to do with our mission?

Wily: Everything! After my defeat against Megaman, the remains of the Marauder were retrieved by the Army and rebuilt in one of their hidden bases. And I need this ship for some space-investigation.

Falling star: So, you want us to get it back for you, right?

Stardust: And where is this base located?

Wily: Some mountains in Southern Germany. You'll be directly warped to the entrance of the base. Any questions?

Shinobu: Yes. I didnít understand much after the Marauder part.

Stardust: (Oh, hell.)

The other Mercs: ...

Wily: I'll sum it up. You go in the base, dispose of the guards and get the Marauder back here. Right?

Shinobu: Okay!

Wily: Now, go to the Warp tubes. Mercenaries, do your best!

(As they leave the room...)

Stardust: Sneaking through the Army's security, eh? Quite interesting.

Falling star: Why would Wily need such a big spaceship for investigation? He has plenty of shuttles that would work fine enough!

Hunter: Nevermind Wily's plans, I have other ideas for that ship. Iíll explain it to you once weíre finished...

(In the Warp tubes' section, the operators, Quickman and Crashman, are already here.)

Starnik: Howdy, Mercs. What's up?

Naoshi: No time for chat, guys. We're on a mission from Wily.

Iga (hands over a disc to Crashman): Here is the location data.

Darksage: Alright. Get in the tubes now. Warp starts in 2... 1... go!

(In a neat Star Trek-like effect, the Mercs get beamed to the outskirts of the Army's base.)

Starnik: You think they'll come back with the ship? And without a loss?

Darksage: Who cares? I'm sick of Wily having so many damn bots in this place.

(At the base...)

Hunter (through communicators): Everyone's here? Okay. We'll infiltrate in three groups. Punk, Hyper Storm and Enker, you'll make a diversion by attacking the front entrance.

Shinobu: Hey, how come I'm always involved in the aggressive part?

Hunter: I can't help if you were designed for that, Punk. So, anyways, Mega Water, Ballade, you'll stand around the weaponry and neutralize the security.

Naoshi: Hey! I'm good at shooting too! And I can sneak easily in the base!

Hunter: (ignoring Naoshi) So, Buster Rod and I will get to the Main Computer and hack it so that we'll be able to use the Marauder.

Iga: No fair! I get stuck to the boring part! I am a decent fighter too!

Hunter: Hell, you got a scientistís information! We'll need your skills!

Shinobu: I'm decent at hacking stuff, too!

Kayorei: And I can handle melees very well!

Stardust: I'm good at computers too!

Hunter (while the whole team is arguing): (Oh, for the love of Nuka-Cola! Hunter, you should NOT have taken the leader's position!) Anyways! This is what Wily ordered, and we can't go against it.

The other Mercs: *mumblemumbleNofair ... I'm excellent for that mission ...*

Hunter: We'll discuss later, if you want. Now, it's time to kick some robotic butt! You guys ready?

The other Mercs: Yeah!

Hunter: Alright! Mercenaries, letís go!

(In front of the base...)

Naoshi: (Alright, guys. Some guards and drones here. More will come later, though.)

Shinobu: (I hope they aren't that hard to destroy.)

Stardust: (We'll see that in action. On the count of 3. 1...2 ... )

The three of them (while charging): 3!!!

(As they charged, our three Mercenaries used short-range attacks, easily disabling the guards, before destroying the remaining ones in melee.)

UN Joe (in a communicator): Hurry! We've got a Wily-bot attack in sector 1! Send reinforcements! I repeat: send reinforcements! We've got ...

Naoshi: (uses his spear to silence the bot)

(Meanwhile, in the base...)


Falling star: Looks like the others have fulfilled their mission. That will make ours easier.

Kayorei: That tank moves too much. Have some Ballade Crackers!

(The strong projectile pierced the tank's armor and left it inoperable)

Falling star: You're too nervous, Ballade. Why don't you just do like these guys and cool off ?

(As Falling star spoke, he threw several strong water blasts to the UN bots under him.)

UN Tank: Water... damaging circuits... unit K-35 going offline.

Kayorei: A bit too easy.

Falling star: As long as it's fun, I don't mind about easiness. (blasts another group of UN Joes.)

(Meanwhile, at the Main Computer...)

UN Joe: Stop there! You are not authorized to go any further! (begins to shoot at the two.)

Iga: I'll take care of him. Do you mind, Hunter?

(While using his staff to deflect the energy blasts, Iga charged the poor Joe and severely damaged his head, bringing it to the ground.)

Hunter: ...I guess not.

Iga: So, deactivating this computer will stop the entire defense system, right?

Hunter: Yeah, but let's wait for a while. (Activates the camera system) I think our friends still want a little fun.

(On the screen, a transmission of the Base's entrance appears. The three Mercs are still on a rampage against the UN forces.)

Stardust (while holding a tank): This is so much fun! (Launches the tank in a group of Joes, destroying and crushing them) Strike!

UN Tank: Wily bot in sight... destruction routine activated. (begins rapid-fire at Shinobu)

Shinobu: Ouch! (uses twin Screw Crushers as boomerangs, and destroys the tank) That thing scratched my paint!

Naoshi: It's time for you guys to get a lesson! Spear Dash!

(While charging at the Joes and avoiding their shots, Naoshi destroyed some of them with energy blasts and charged the remaining ones with his spear.)

Naoshi (with a Joe impaled on his spear ): Joe-kabob, anyone?

(The screen changes to the armory. Kayorei and Falling star finally came out of hiding, and begin destroying anything in sight.)

Falling star (while surrounded by a column of water): Look at me! Fresh water for everyone! (throws water blasts and eventually floods the corridor)

Kayorei: Meh. Show-off. (dashes around the weaponry and shoots everything in sight). That's the way to do the job.

Falling star: You just donít know how to enjoy work.

(Back to the Main Comp...)

Iga: Time to get back to work.

Hunter: Alright. (deactivates the security system). Done.

Iga (through his communicator): To all Mercs, Buster Rod here. The defense systems are deactivated. Come to point A-3. Buster Rod, out.

(Finally, they arrive in front of the Marauder, which is WAY larger than expected...)

The Mercs: 0_0 Woah.

Kayorei: I once saw records of Megamanís battle in this, but the ship wasnít THAT big.

Falling star: Time to visit, I think.

(Inside the ship...)

Stardust: Looks like Wily planned everything. Even I can go through the corridors!

Iga: There are so many defense systems and laser turrets... I wonder how Wily lost to Megaman.

Shinobu: Just a question. How will we drive that ship back to Wily's base? Weíre only seven, and that thing is huge... Besides, I'm not sure any of us know how to operate a battleship.

Hunter: Well, where we're going, we'll have plenty of time to learn!

Naoshi: What do you mean?

Hunter: Now is our chance! We take the ship, and we get away from Wily! We'll be independent!

Kayorei: Good idea, but, how will we earn a living?

Hunter: We're mercenaries! We'll work for our paying customers! And plus, we'll be totally neutral! No enemies!

Stardust: This sounds like a good idea. Everyone OK with it?

The Mercs: Yeah

Stardust: So, now, I will be your leader!

Naoshi: Ahahaha... No.

Stardust: But I know what is the best for this team--and it's to have me as the leader!

Falling star: I have more fighting experience than any of you! I deserve this role!

Kayorei: Oh, really? Mr "Look-at-me, I can throw water"?

Hunter: Just... stop it... NOW!!! (punches one of the computers for emphasis)

(All of a sudden, the whole system activates, thus waking the crew, composed of Joe Bots...)

Crew Joe: Greetings, sir. Which of you is the leader?

Naoshi, Falling Star and Stardust: (each pointing at themselves) I AM!

Crew Joe: This is sort of a problem as to the decision of where we should go.

Hunter: If you don't mind, I will take care of the ship's issues.

Stardust: And why would it be you?

Hunter: Well, I proposed the idea of being independent, didn't I?

Kayorei: Makes sense.

Shinobu: Wait a minute, why don't we just work as a committee, with everyone being able to propose ideas for the leading issues?

Stardust: Sounds great!

Naoshi: But of course, I'll be the committee leader!

Falling star: No way!

Hunter: (Oh boy, here they go again... Forget them, let's see how well this crew listens to orders.) Alright, crew! Let's get the Marauder out of here!

(In a powerful roar, the Marauder extracted himself from the mountain, destroying the base and everything around it, reducing the bots around the base to debris!)

Hunter: Mercenaries, we're free! Next stop: Megalopolis!

(A few hours later, in Wilyís Castle...)

Whiz: Dr. Wily, I have some news for you. It's a message from the Mercenaries.

Wily: Thanks a lot, Whiz. You may retire for the night.

Whiz: Thanks, Doc. (leaves the room)

Wily: So, let's read that message. Hmm ... WHAT? HOW COULD THEY HAVE DONE THIS?!

"Dr. Wily,

After some reflection, we decided to live on our own, and stop obeying your orders. As of now, we'll be living as actual Mercenaries.

Hope to see you soon,
The Mercs

PS: We decided to use the Marauder as a base. Hope you'll get another ship. Haha."

Wily (tearing the message apart): Those traitors! But luckily I was prepared for this...

(Comes closer to five pods, each containing a different robot. The first pod contains a knight-like bot, with two blades lying next to him.)

Wily: Soon, they will regret their decision...

(The second pod contains a massive-looking bot, whose left arm is a combination of many weapons, each related to a light-type Robot Master)

Wily: ...they will suffer my wrath...

(The third pod contains a tall robot, with an extremely thick armor. Some removed parts reveal several cannons...)

Wily: ...they will learn that no one dares defy Wily without paying the consequences!

(The fourth pod contains a thin bot. Even if it's unfinished, it is clear that the bot will be light-armored, and really fast. It is also equipped with some rapid-fire weapons)

Wily: Once this project is finished, their lives will be a living hell!

(The last pod contains a truly different-looking bot. It has some similarities with a raven, and appears to wear a traditional kimono.)

Wily: Sleep well, my new creations. Soon, you'll have your fun...

(As the screen slowly turns black, a hysterical laughter can be heard. The Mercs will soon have a lot of trouble to deal with...)

Mega Man and all related characters are property of Capcom. This is just fan-work here. Just acknowledging that this stuff isn't really ours.