Finale (Part 2)

Written by Hunter

(Previously, in Part 1:

Through the help of a hacker, the Fatal Five managed to hack into the 7M's database, and used the informations contained to set traps for the Mercs. Attacked from every side, our friends suspect each other of being a traitor, until Hunter comes up with this shocking revelation: he's responsible in all ways for what happened this day.)

Iga: "Your mighty leader has some things to tell to you" ... I think you owe us an explanation, Hunter.

Hunter: You're right, Iga. I can't hide this any longer, people: I spied on all of you. And I took part in the creation of these Fatal Five.

Naoshi: ...What?!

Stardust: Care to tell us some details?

Hunter: I was coming to it. It all started after the Mercs were created. While you were training, I went with Dr Wily, and worked on some of my, and his, old blueprints to create five new robots: a duellist, a sniper, a magician, a mobile artillery platform, and a time-travelling one.

Falling star: How did this go?

Hunter: Rather well, except for the time-travelling one. Dr Wily agreed with me to have the latter destroyed, but I guess you can't trust mad scientists.

Hunter: Anyways, by the time we stole the Marauder, these robots were half-complete, and it was only a matter of weeks before Wily finished them.

Naoshi: And WHEN exactly did you realize they were active?

Hunter: Do you remember that day, when we turned back to humans? The explosion in the ice-cream shop, random people charging you in the store? It was them all the way. One of them - Warpman- attacked me, but I escaped him.

Kayorei: You could've told us about it.

Hunter: After such lame attempts at attack? I guessed they weren't that much of a threat, and kinda forgot them later.

Iga: So this point is settled. Now, what about the spying?

Hunter: Fact is, I watched on you through cameras, and microphones, and established a full list of your characteristics, attacks, roles and weaknesses.

Stardust: ... Thanks for telling this earlier.

Hunter: Seriously, realize what could have happened if one of you had been infected with one of Wily's controlling programs, and took advantage of this?

Naoshi: A good argument, but what if you were the controlled one?

Hunter: I set up securities that would prevent a controlled me to access to this database.

Kayorei: I guess that hacker was one good guy, then.

Stardust: But that's not the point! Because of these little secrets, we're in serious trouble! I say you leave the Team right now, Hunter!

Iga: No way! Hunter had some good reasons to do this!

Stardust: Yeah? But, after all, maybe you're both playing for Wily! He reprogrammed you, and you as well, Falling star...

Naoshi: No one insults Iga while I'm here!

Falling star: Such accusations... Maybe YOU're the traitor, Stardust.

Stardust: Now you're just plain insulting me!

Shinobu: Please, people! Being separated like this will only weaken us!

Kayorei: Once you're all done accusing each other, we got an incoming transmission from that Riff guy.

(All of them rush to the main desk. Hunter presses a button on one of the comps, now displaying a live transmission of Riff)

Riff: You have my greetings, Seven Mercenaries. What did you think of our surprise party?

Hunter (growling): I see Wily finally fixed your strategic chip, Riff. Your last plans were rather lame.

Riff: Why, thank you, Quint. But I didn't call you for sarcasm. The reason, actually, is an invitation for a duel.

Iga: Duel, you say?

Riff: Right. Your Team, versus mine. Meet us tomorrow in the Stella building site tomorrow at 13:00. I hope to see you next time, Mercs. *logs out*

Hunter: You heard the bot. Let's get repared, and ready for tomorrow.

(The Mercs had a rather solitary night, undergoing repairs and thinking back about Hunter's treason. Let's skip to tomorrow, 12:57. The Fatal Five are waiting in the abandoned site, preparing for the countdown.)

Riff: Let's see for the last time. Staccato, your blades?

Staccato: Finely polished, and filled with the power of energy itself, mylord!

Riff: Lento, your weapons?

Lento: Sub-units LN01 to LN14 checked. Special weapon LN-MW's potential: 100%.

Riff: Warpman, your bombs? And your batteries?

Warpman: Totally refueled!

Riff: Karasū, what about your magic?

Karasū: The power of magic does not follow the rules of standard weapons. However, I prepared a set of scrolls in case the winds of magic are low.

Riff: Good. Now, let's wait for the Mercs to come. A duel with our nemesises will finally make our Team legitimate, and put us on the same ranks of the Evil Eight!

Karasū: We will see this later. Our guests just arrived!

(In fact, the Mercs just warped in the open. The Five come to "greet" them and all Team members adopt a fighting stance.)

Riff: It's now ... the time where our Team finally gets famous, by defeating the Mercenaries!

Naoshi: Don't dream too much, loser! We'll kick your ass, and send you back to Wily's fortress in a postcard!

Riff: Fatal Five, attack!

(Immediately, Karasū throws one of his trademark bombs, leaving the Mercs disoriented. The Five, however, were prepared for this, and start of series of small ambushes and traps!)

Staccato (from the shadows): Shall thee agree on this passe d'armes, sir Enker?

Naoshi: Not before I can see you, loser!

Staccato: Such insults from a gentleman like thou cannot be tolerated! Shadow Slasher!

(Immediately, the knight-bot unleashes a storm of swords on his 7M counterpart! Unable to see where the attacks come from, Enker can barely rely on his Mirror Buster to protect him!)

Naoshi (in pain) : Nngh ... Is that all ... you got?

Staccato: Not yet (does some more attacks)! And now, the coup de grāce! Silver Cross!

(Taking advantage of a breach in Enker's shield, the knight bot charges in his back, and impales him on his twin swords!)

Staccato: Checkmate, good sir!

(As Staccato removes his blades, Naoshi falls to the ground. Enker: down.)

Karasū: Let's do this, Lento!

Lento: Unit ready for ass-kicking. Activate Slowdown Cannon.

(The walking tank stops, sets firmly on the ground, and fires from the mortar on his back. Though the shell did no damage, its effects are quickly felt by the Mercs...)

Iga: Wwhaaat iiiiis haaappeeenniiiing?

Karasū: This, my friend, is the Slowdown Cannon. Its effects are pretty well described by its name. Let's do a demonstration, by using some good old magic!

(By many hand gestures, and incantations from an undecipherable language, the raven bot made the area around him filled with sparks of many colors: red, blue, white, green... Finally, an electric bolt runs all around his body, and he slams his hands on the ground).

Karasū: Ghyran-Az! The wave of destruction!

(From all around Iga, tsunami-like waves come from seemingly nowhere and lash onto the simian Merc. His perception being altered, he feels like every wave arrived on him at supersonic speed! His armor destroyed, the Merc is sent flying away, and lands head-first a few metres away. Buster Rod: down.)

Hunter: Naoshi? Do you read me? Iga! Respond immediately! ... We're in serious trouble, people!

Stardust: Couldn't have found this alone.

Kayorei: Now is not time for insults! Try to blow that smoke away instead!

Stardust: Sure.

(Stardust's right arm turned into a blaster, immediately followed by a small hurricane coming from the blaster's end. The detonation cleared the battlefield, allowing Hunter to pary an attack of Warpman's arm, at the last minute!)

Hunter: You've gotten quite good at ambush. But how about a duel with me?

Warpman: Bring it on!

(The two Sakugarne users immediately adopt a fencing stance, with giant drills instead of blades. But, whereas Hunter's style is more academic, Warpman's only consists of frantic attacks.)

Hunter (while parrying): And here I thought you've trained.

Warpman: I trained, sure, but not at these goody, honor duels! Have some Warp Gate!

(The diformed Fatal Five immediately pressed a series of buttons and levers on his arm, releasing an extra tube on his arm-cannon. His arm trembles, and glows green, before shooting a stray of energy right behind Hunter! Confused, the Merc turns back to see what seems like a portal.)

Warpman: Wrong move, Hunter! (charges Hunter, and throws him in the portal) My Warp Gates can send you anywhere I want in a 500 metres radius. What about a higher point of view?

(As expected, the green bot suddenly goes from his current position to a long way up, making the fall harder.)

Warpman (walks to Hunter's body): I hoped you liked this ride, Hunter, for you'll get some more if you stand in my way again. (walks away to support the other F5 attacks)

Shinobu (through radio): Okay, people, no more fooling around! Let's do this like a real Team should: together!

Kayorei: Good idea. Falling star, we'll go and get that Staccato! Stardust, try to take that Riff down! Shinobu, try to catch Karasū!

Falling star, Stardust and Shinobu: Roger!

(As the Mercs arrive, Staccato stops cleaning his blades and bows at them.)

Staccato: Are thou coming for a duel?

Falling star: Nope. Just to kick your ass.

Staccato: Alas, it won't be easy. Get me first! *dashes away, running around the sniper Mercs*

Falling star (while firing): He's too fast! Impossible to get a clear view on this -aargh!

(In a silver astray, the knight bot just slashed the aquatic Merc. He falls to the ground while trying to catch his breath, and finally deactivates.)

Kayorei: Guess we'll have to go destructive on this one...

(In a jump only made possible by her light frame, Kayorei elevated herself from a good ten metres. Now being able to track down Staccato, she unleashes a barrage of Crackers, sending the Fatal Five from explosion to explosion. in a last detonation, his armor is destroyed, exposing his inner structure to the winning Merc.)

Staccato: Thou hast fought well, milady... You deserved this victory.

Kayorei: Aren't you afraid that I'll just destroy you for good, now that you're weak?

Staccato: Bah! An honourable person like thee wouldn't even think of such ... a ... treachery! *deactivates*

Kayorei: ... Guess not.

(On another section of the battlefield, Stardust has just spotted Riff, and started charging at him. Seeing the massive behemoth coming at him at full speed, he has no choice but stepping back, and trying to fire at him!)

Stardust: Is that all you got, loser?

(The giant Merc triggered again his boosters, and resumed his tentative of crushing the F5 leader!)

Riff: Just taste this! (activates missile launchers from his legs, and waits for the dust to clear.) Wha ...? Still running?

Stardust: It takes more than that to stop me, y'know.

Warpman: How about this, then? Let's go, Lento!

Lento: Leader in danger. Activate combo attack...

Lento&Warpman: MACH 10 BOMBER!

(With these words, Lento fired another shot from his Slowdown Cannon, finally putting the giant Merc's charge to an end. Then, Warpman warps in and out all around him, leaving a circle of bombs around Stardust. Finally, Lento fires all of his weapons, in the same time the bombs detonate, sending Stardust to the other side of the battlefield with barely an armor on.)

Warpman: *pants* How *pants* was that?

Riff: Quite good.

(But how is the latest Merc doing?)

Shinobu: Taste one of this Screw Crushers, beaky!

Karasū (summons a magic shield): Useless.

Shinobu: Let's take the upper size, then! (takes the Screw Boomerangs on his shoulders and throws them)

Karasū (barely dodges them): Better, I may say. But weren't you designed for melee?

Shinobu: I was waiting your word, in fact! (turns into a giant circular saw, and charges at Karasū)

(The raven-bot, who was expecting a more conventionnal attack, is taken back by the many charges, and can barely dodge, with more and more difficulty each time! Finally, he falls on the ground, panting.)

Shinobu (takes a disc in each hand): Do you know about the ravens from the Tower of London? Should they leave the place, it is said the monarchy would fall. So, they cut their wings. And you know what? I just discovered myself an allegiance to the Queen of Great-Britain.

(Before the raven bot could suffer an horrible fate, he's saved in extremis by Warpman. The two remaining Mercs are now facing the four of the Fatal Five. What will happen next?)

(Slowly, the leader raises his right hand, and a forcefield appears between the survivors.)

Riff: I call this battle a draw.

Shinobu, Kayorei & Warpman: What?

Warpman: But we ... could almost ... destroy them!

Riff: Tut-tut. Look at you - your battery is almost out, Karasū is not at the best of his shape, and Staccato got beaten. Besides, heroes in inferiority always win.

Kayorei: You're cowards, that is!

Riff: Just cautious people. You should know that "better is the enemy of good".

Karasū: Plus, a humiliated opponent is far better, in terms of reputation, than a dead one.

Riff: And after all, we're the true winners. The Mercs are distrusting each other, we made ourselves a name by humiliating them, and our plan was a complete success.

Warpman: I ... see. Let's do ... as you say, leader.

Lento: Initiate return to base.

(The Fatal Five get back to the Castle by teleportation, leaving two ashamed Mercs and five unconscious ones. By how much degree will the Mercs suffer of these events? See for yourself in 7M, Season 2!)


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